The financial settlement

The financial settlement of a transaction.

The dis-interest of banks with regards to one time accounts (joint accounts) and the high costs involved and enourmus waste of time related with opening such accounts, together with todays behaviour with regards to money laundering, have forced us in the past to find new solutions for handling the deposits.

When purchasing a vessel, large amounts of money can be involved. To secure the interests for the buyers and the sellers, we have established in 2004, the foundation "Joint Account Shiptrade". This foundation is completely separated from our business as brokers and therefore a full independant legal entity, holding the deposits and/or purchase sums on completely separated bank accounts with first class European banks.

Because of the previous and current "bank crisis" only healthy solid banks are used, which are not effected by loans to countries or other banks that needs financial support from the European Union or governments.

More information on the website of Joint Account Shiptrade.

Foundation Joint Account Shiptrade

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