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Cutter Suction Dredger

Capacity about 1400 cbm/hr

Article code: 15000519N

Cutter Suction Dredger

Cutter Suction Dredger
Built the Netherlands 1980 - Hollandsche Ijssel 
Capacity abt 1400 CBM/hour
Loa 16,00m, breadth 7,00 m max
Dismountable parts :
  - dredging hull length 10m, breadth 3m
  - fore/side pontoons length 2,5m  x breadth 3m max.
  - spudpole train section length 3,5 m, breadth 3m
Spudpoles Ø 324 mm
Spudpoles length 8,00 m
Total weight 32 Mtns LDT
Unit can be transported by trucks when dismounted.

Dredging equipment
Main engine SCANIA DS14 - 420 bhp
Suction depth 5,00 m under water level
Suction pipe Ø 324 mm
Press pipe Ø 324 mm
Dredging pump NIHARD 12" 

Cutter Hollandsche IJssel - 60 bhp
Suitable for clay, sand, peat, mud, white sand
Cutter driven by separate hydroset powered by DAF 615 Turboe diesel engine
Cutter hydraulics by separate hydraulic set

Propulsion during dredging by means of towing in train to spudpole, 3m per tow.
Towing by winch POCLAIN - pull power 1250 kgs.
A rail for 3m towing is mounted in the spudpole hull (train).

All equipment is overhauled in 2011.
This dredger can be seen in working condition in The Netherlands.
Delivery as is / where is.

Price: Try around € 240.000,-.