Sheerleg crane 500 Mtns

Floating sheerleg crane with jib

Article code: 16000533

Sheerleg crane 500 Mtns

Lifting capacity 500 Mtons
Built 1971 Germany at Howaldtswerke, Kiel
lifting height of sheerleg 28 m - cap 500 Mtns
lifting height including 49 m including the jib - cap 2 x 150 Mtons
Sheerleg A-frameequiped with 2 x 250 Mtns blocks for heavy lifts / salvage operations
Flying Job 2 x 150 Mtns blocks
Underwater lifting cap 1000 Mtns
class change to INSB and now passing SS in Dubai drydock July 2016
me 2 x aux DEUTZ diesel SBF16M716 1200 bhp

76,0m x 24.0m x 4,68m
Draft 2.00 m/ max 3,30m
DWT 5000 Mtns
GT/NT 2390/717

ballast capacity 1350 Mtns/cbm per hour
Dive compressors and space provisions for diving chambers present
accomodation can be increased by living containers

Owners are renewing/repairing and upgrading all equipment and passing Special Survey in 2016,
Lots of new steel / painting / coating ballast tanks etc

Offers invited